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Data Lead

Your mission: 

Build the data strategy for Dutch tech, by i) building a small team of data professionals, ii) developing a strategy for creating a clearinghouse for all data relevant to the Dutch tech ecosystem, iii) and then executing on that strategy - iv) all whilst continuing to deliver high-quality reports with your team. 

Full-time · Amsterdam

Techleap is on a mission to create a thriving tech ecosystem that outperforms the world’s best tech hubs. In order to know how The Netherlands is doing, what impact we are making and where to focus our attention, we are depending on a rich set of usable ecosystem data. We are looking for a Data Lead to build the Data Team at Techleap and deliver a complete and high-quality data solution to continuously monitor the state of Dutch tech. If you enjoy evangelizing the need for quality data and delivering on its promises in a single-source of truth for everyone in the ecosystem, together with a small team (to be built!), join Techleap!

Key Responsibilities

We have identified four main areas of responsibility that will prove to be the core focus of your efforts:

Building for the future: Data on Dutch tech is scattered and oftentimes incomplete or lacking in quality. You will help build a data team that brings together all relevant ecosystem data in a single solution that is considered to be the authority on ecosystem data, through:

    • Recruiting and building a small and cohesive data team;
    • Build a data strategy for: i) monitoring how Dutch tech is performing; ii) how Dutch tech is performing compared to other geographies, iii) how Techleap’s activities, programs and services impact the mission.
    • Act as business (or product) owner responsible for development of a single data repository (drafting requirements, testing deliveries, etc).
Partnerships & Stakeholder Management: In order for Techleap to be successful, we depend on partnerships with other ecosystem players - such as the Dutch government and its broader instruments (such as InvestNL), Regional Development Organisations (ROMS), etc. These partners can deliver data, but will also look at Techleap to provide data. You will manage relations by:
    • Building a network of trusted partners in the Dutch ecosystem;
    • Developing as a thought leader on the topic of data within the ecosystem;
    • Engage with ecosystem players as customers of a data service, and generate potential product development opportunities;
    • Generate leads for potential commercial opportunities for data services.
The Techleap data team is responsible for reporting on where the Dutch ecosystem stands at any point in time. This can be as diverse as helping to segment communities for delivery of services into our communities, or determining opportunities for attracting foreign VC into the Netherlands, and aggregating data for reform of Dutch tax law. For this area you will:
    • Be a central point of contact for data requests from the Techleap team;
    • Help scope, prioritize and execute on data requests on a project basis;
    • Deliver planned reports - such as the yearly State of Dutch Tech report, Deeptech Spinout Analysis, as well as reports to government stakeholders and our board.
Measuring the Mission: We are all hard at work to move the needle for Dutch Tech, helping founders grow their businesses quicker and better. You will be measuring whether all these efforts materialize into actual results. In order to do this you will:
    • Help to define clear success metrics for products, programs and activities;
    • Build capabilities to track those metrics over time;
    • Report on progress on a consistent basis within Techleap and as part of our reporting into the Dutch government.

Who you are:

As a data lead you know that data from your team is used to lead business decisions and you bring at least 7 years of experience with at least 2-3 years in a leadership position. Next to that you know your way around:

  • Recruiting, steering and coaching a small team of data/tech experts, that together with you will create a solid platform for the ecosystem;
  • Managing a complex stakeholder field: We have many different entities that can provide us with and at the same time make use of our data, but those also need to be aligned! For that your experience with a multitude of interested parties is important;
  • Bringing high-level perspective: We would love to see a strategic thinker that knows how to act according to strong priority setting on our adhoc and short term goals versus the long term achievements we aspire;
  • Creating a Data Strategy and product: You have been responsible for setting up- and executing on data strategies that include Data analysis, -engineering and -science;
  • Understanding of Tech Ecosystems: Given Techleap's focus you ideally worked in the dynamics of tech startups, venture capital, and government policies affecting the tech sector;
  • Technical knowledge in: Data visualization, business intelligence, current tooling and methodologies in the data field;
  • Communication skills: You will likely need to present Techleap to non-technical team members and stakeholders and internally align with colleagues;
  • Note: for this role we will consider people that live in the Netherlands already!

This is what you get in return:
Next to your salary (t.b.d.), you will get an 8% holiday allowance, 15% pension allowance for you to allocate, a great home- and BYOD allowance, travel allowance, unlimited holidays, hybrid working setup (2-3 days WFO) and a full time contract (32-40 hours per week).

If you feel our mission and this role is the right fit for you, please apply. For questions or more information don’t hesitate to reach out to Tom:

As part of our mission, we build safe communities that foster diverse, inclusive and equitable collaboration - and that includes our employees. We’re taking on exciting challenges for founders and Dutch society, and we only succeed with a team that represents an inclusive and diverse set of identities and backgrounds.